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Thielert Aircraft Engine Service Center

Some of the Many Advantages of the New Aircraft Diesel Engine

  • Normal cruise 4.5 GPH, compared to equivalent gasoline at 9.0 GPH
  • Lower prop RPM, 2300 takeoff, 2000 cruise = Very Quiet
  • No shock heating or cooling, liquid cooled
  • No hot or cold start trouble, single button start
  • An integral Vacuum pump
  • No sparkplugs to foul
  • Redundant electrical systems with dual engine control units with full computer diagnostic capability

These new engines will be installed on the new Diamond Twin Star and also retro-fit the Cessna 172 and Piper Cherokee's.


For more information on the new Diesel engines visit the Thielert Engine Program site at: www.centurion-engines.com




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